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Maya – Kabir

Maya - Parallel Arrows

Maya Mari Na Mann Mara, Mar Mar Gaya Shareer
Asha Trishna Na Mari, Keh Gaya Das Kabir

Meaning:  Neither maya nor the mind, only body attained death*. Hope and thirst did not die, so said Kabir.

Kabir Maya Papini, Phandh Le Baithi Haati
Sab Jag Tou Phandhe Padya, Gaya Kabeera Kaati

Meaning: Maya is sinful, sitting with its noose in the bazaar. The whole world got trapped in the noose, Kabir has cut the noose.

*The body gets old and eventually dies but maya and mind are not affected. The desires may still be there at the time of death.


Maya - Parallel Lines

Illusion works impenetrable,

Weaving webs innumerable,

Her gay pictures never fail,

Crowds each other, veil on veil,

Charmer who will be believed,

By man who thirsts to be deceived.


PS: In the image on the top, the two lines appear to be of different lengths but they are not of different lengths.


imageIn dream just one human mind creates many objects/personalities, or one appears as many. Maya is that power residing in consciousness by which one appears as many. In other words, Maya is the power that creates the dream of consciousness in which consciousness projects the dream appearing as many within the dream though it is actually just one. This dream of consciousness is the real world for the characters in the dream. When a character in the dream realises that it is not just a character but is the consciousness itself, Self Realisation takes place for that character. This character continues to be present in the dream, so the dream world is not over for the character. The world of maya goes on before/after enlightenment. It is just that now this character knows that while it appears to be present in this dream world, it is not really within it, but is actually projecting it. Removal of maya does not mean that the dream world collapses. It just means that now it is known that what was earlier considered to be real actually is apparent.

The image shows consciousness surrounded by (under the influence of) maya not knowing its true nature. Similar symbolic visualisations can be made using hand mudra or via coiled snake/kundalini etc.