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Seeking Infinity

We always want more. Since more never ends, it seems that what we want is infinity. It is said by many saints that the source is within us. Kabir said this nicely in, “Moko kahan dhoondhe re bande” (My Vocals + Guitar version for the same is embedded below. For vocals only version, please refer this. ).

Kabir has said the same thing in different ways. For example the following essentially mean the same:

ज्यों नैनों में पुतली, त्यों मालिक घट माहीं
मूरख लोग न जानहिं बाहिर ढूंढ्न जाहीं

पानी में मीन प्यासी, मोहे सुन सुन आवे हासी
आत्मज्ञान बिना नर भटके, कोई मथुरा कोई काशी
जैसे मृग नाभी कस्तूरी, बन-बन फिरत उदासी
कहत कबीर सुनो भाई साधो, सहज मिले अविनासी

Jesus has also said that the kingdom of heaven is within you. Instead of looking outside for it, one needs to look inside.

Moko kahan dhoondhe re bande – Kabir

Original tune composed for Kabir’s, “Moko kahan dhoondhe re bande” is embedded below. The words simply mean that the source is within and not outside. If your browser does not display Devanagari fonts properly, you can click here.


Vocals Only

मोको कहाँ ढूंढे रे बन्दे
मैं तो तेरे पास में
ना तीरथ में ना मूरत में
ना कंठ निवास में
ना मंदिर में ना मस्जिद में
ना काबे कैलास में
ना मैं जप में ना मैं तप में
ना मैं बरत उपास में
ना मैं किरिया करम में रहता
नाहीं जोग सन्यास में
नाहीं प्राण में नाहीं पिंड में
ना ब्रह्माण्ड आकाश में
ना मैं प्रकृति प्रवर गुफा में
सब स्वासों की स्वांस में
खोजि  होए तुरत मिल जाउं
इक पल की तालास में
कहत कबीर सुनो भई साधो
मैं तो हूँ विश्वास में

Moko kahan dhoondhe re bande
Main to tere paas mein
Na teerath mein na moorat mein
Na kanth niwas mein
Na mandir mein na masjid main
Na Kabe Kailas mein
Na main jap mein na main tap mein
Na main barat upaas mein
Na main kiriya karam mein rehata
Na hi jog sanyas mein
Na hi pran mein na hi pind mein
Na bramhand aakaash mein
Na main prakrati pravar gufa mein
Sab swason ki saans mein
Khoji hoye turat mil jaoon
Ek pal ki taalas mein
Kehat Kabir suno bhai saadho
Main to hoon vishvas mein

Kishore Kumar – The Difference

Though Rafi could be a better singer, Kishore is more enjoyable to me. The reason for this has to be other than the basic singing ability. I can see the combination of 3 reasons for this:

  1. The quality of voice with appropriate harmonics. The word quality has been used in the perspective of physics which means various frequency components present in a wave.
  2. The emotional/trans content in the voice. Kishore had the unique quality of becoming part of the song while singing it. The audience could feel this subconsciously. One friend of mine called this feature ‘throw’. It is the ‘throw’ or ‘impact’ apart from his voice quality that makes Kishore Kumar unique among all.
  3. One of the main reasons for the music to be enjoyable is the composition. It has been seen many times that if the composition is great, it does not matter that much who sings the song. Success of remixes proves this point.