Ego = False, “I”

One night Anand saw a nightmare. In the dream, he (dream ego) was in a dense forest and all of a sudden there was a tiger right in front of him. In terror, he ran in the dream screaming, “help help…..”. When he woke up and came to his senses (now waking-state ego) he could still feel the traces of fear. His wife was also awoke and told him that he was shouting. It was the dream ego that shouted not the waking-state ego but both could affect the body. Since both egos are not permanent, any type of Ego = False, “I”. The real, “I” makes the existence of false, “Is” possible. This real, “I” is something else that sometimes identifies itself with waking-state ego, sometimes with dream ego, sometimes with body, sometimes with a role in a movie, sometimes with a team in a game, sometimes with emotions etc. All these false identifications are projections. These false identifications are due to ignorance created by conditioning and/or due to imagination. The real, “I” is consciousness/awareness.
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