Enlightenment Through Vedanta

Self (awareness/consciousness) is not an object that can be known by the ego. You can only experience the reflection of the Self when your mind is quite (please refer to the video in this post). Self cannot be known by the ego as an object because ego appears in Self and not the other way. You can only know the Self as Self. The teachings of Vedanta make you do the Self Inquiry. No amount of reading can help unless Self Inquiry is done. As you find answers to your existing and new doubts, your mind becomes quieter and quieter. The mind eventually becomes fixed thinking about the Self almost continuously. The Self which is always present hears its name being called and a stage comes when a subtle cognitive shift takes place. Earlier, it was you as ego seeking the Self, now you become the Self and the ego becomes an object in the Self. There is no thunder, no lightening, just a subtle shift in the reference point through which you look at the world.

Earlier, Ego = I,
Now, Pure Self = I and Ego = Expression of pure Self
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