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I am not body-mind proof

While a spiritual guru would often say that certain knowledge is beyond intellect, I will still try an approach in two parts to prove logically that a being is beyond a body-mind complex.


Let us consider the following statements:

  • If I can witness a book lying on the table, I am not that book. The book is separate from me.
  • If I can witness my pen, I am not that pen. My pen is separate from me.
  • If I am a witness to myself listening to music, I am not music. The music is separate from me.

This can go on and on…….

Based on the above, we have the following axiom:

Axiom: If I can witness something or if I am a witness to something, I am not that something. I am separate from that. Now, consider the following deductions:

  • I can witness my hands, legs etc. or my body, so I am not my body.
  • I am a witness to the reflex action that happens due to electric shock, sudden pain etc., so I am not my nervous system.
  • I am a witness to my drowsy state at the time of sleeping. So, I am not my subconscious mind.
  • I am a witness to the emotions of being happy, sad etc. and am a witness to the sensations of taste, smell etc. So, I am not my conscious mind.
  • I am a witness to my intellect making choices, so I am not my intellect.


During deep sleep, while my mind is unconscious or it does not seem to exist, I do find myself when I am awake. This means that I did exist even when the mind did not seem to exist. So, I cannot be my unconscious mind.

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