If I am non-dual consciousness, why don’t I know all?

Question: If consciousness itself is present in every form and it is one, why does not one form know about what all forms perceive?

Answer-1: Imagine that you are the only passenger in a stationary train. You change compartments to view outside through different windows. You get to see different things. It is the same you having different views but you have only one view at a time. Likewise it is the same essence of one consciousness in every form, but the forms are different and one form does not know what other form perceives.

Answer-2: When you dream in which you are present yourself along with others, even though it is your mind that is creating the dream, the you present in dream does not know about what is going on in the minds of other dream-mates. Let us say that K is dreaming in which K himself as K’ along with A, B and C are present.

Dream Example

In the figure,  though it is K’s mind that is projecting the dream, K who is himself present in the dream as K’ does not know what is going on in the minds of A, B and C. This is like one way traffic in the direction of arrows. For the K’ to know the mind of A the information would need to flow is opposite direction which does not happen.

PS: The figure above shows K outside the dream boundary. This is just for simplicity sake. Since K’s mind is projecting the dream, we can say that the K’s dream is within K’s mind and the following figure looks at it in this respect and can be considered as more accurate:

Dream Example II

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