Is Creation Real?

There are two kinds of things present in the universe i) sentient ii) insentient. A piece of rock being insentient, does not know that it exists. It does not know about the creation. So, for insentient things, there is no creation.

When you look at a flower, the light from the flower reaches your eyes where it is converted to electric signal. This electric signal is read by the brain. Finally, it is the mind that perceives the flower. It appears that the flower is in front of you, but actually flower is inside your mind when you are looking at it. So, perception takes place in mind only. Your world exists because of your perception. In deep sleep, there is no perception and there is no world. The similar mechanism of perception applies for any other sentient being. So, if the creation is in mind, we cannot conclude that it is independent of consciousness. Had everything been unconscious in this universe, there would have been nobody to even ask about the existence of anything. Nobody would have known about the creation then and the word creation would have lost its meaning.

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