Is Perception Real?

At atom has a very tiny nucleus and most of the atom (99.9999%) is empty space. Molecules are made up of atoms and objects are either networks of atoms/ions or clusters of molecules with gaps among them and sometimes having free electrons etc. moving from one point to another. It means that any matter is at least 99.9999% empty. So, how can one sit on a chair without falling if it is at least 99.9999% hollow? This is due to electromagnetic interaction between the surface of the chair and the person’s body. One sort of floats sitting on the chair though it may not feel that way. A flower looks like a flower to us even though it is at least 99.9999% hollow. A snake would perceive a flower in a different manner due to the different capabilities of the eyes, brain, nervous system etc. that it has. What appears depends upon perception, there is no absolute reality even from the perspective of classical physics known to any observer. There is of course no debate that there is no absolute reality from the perspective of quantum physics known to any observer due to the observer effect.
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