Karma Yoga = Act As If

One way to realise Self is to follow the traits of a Self-realised person*. Karma Yoga effectively means working just like the way a Self-realised person* would work. After realising Self, there is no identification with body-mind and hence there is no false ego so why would someone work exclusively for making money, for getting promotion in job, for higher social status etc. One would just work till the previous karmic debt is burnt with the intention to sustain the body and since there is a sense of oneness with everything as everything is Self as known to this person* he/she would do work as love/service towards the consciousness in everything (just like a common man works for himself due to his love for himself). Naturally, this type of work would be the work without bondage which would not be the work done solely for the sake of fruition of the work.

*Whether you realise Self or not, you are still a person to the outside world (the world comprising of people who are not Self-realised). But, after you realise Self you do not consider yourself as person as Self means consciousness.

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