Self Realisation & Gravitation

Kabir says, “Kasturi kundal base, mrig dhoondhe ban mahi” which implies that the fragrance is coming from the naval of the deer (musk deer) and it is searching for its source in the forest.

There is huge atmosphere above us due to which there is atmospheric pressure. But we never feel it.

Earth always attracted things towards it and so many people would have seen apple (and other things) falling towards earth. But, it took Newton to actually notice apple falling.

The very fact that something is so available makes it hidden.

Kabir also says, “Khoji hoye turat mili jahoon ek pal ki taalas mein” which means found immediately when searched for a moment.

Newton could, “See” apple falling because he was searching for gravitation.

Self inquiry is a tool by which you say I am not this, not this etc. and eventually are left with just pure awareness which is what you really are. You realise that thoughts are merely appearing in front of you, you are at the background merely watching them. Same is the case with emotions. It is your ignorance of your true nature and the tendencies of the unconscious mind that attach you to thoughts/emotions etc. When attachment is there, instead of watching the thoughts from background, you identify with them.

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