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Not a Doer


[Bhagvad Gita, Chapter 3, Verse 27]

Implied Meaning: In reality, all work in all respects in done by the gunas (sattva, rajas & tamas) of the nature (prakrati). In spite of this fact whosoever’s inner mind is attracted by pride, such ignorant believes, “I am the doer”.

Comments: The body which is responsible for appearance and other qualities is made of atoms all of which are provided by nature so there is no need to feel proud about it. A person obviously does not choose his/her parents after birth. How much intellect he/she has by birth is beyond anybody’s control. Even thoughts that pop up come from causal body and hence are beyond anyone’s direct control. And eventually, the end result of any action is beyond anyone’s control considering natural calamities, accidents, circumstances, luck etc. So, it is wise to do away with the doership.