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Why there is suffering?

Here are some theories that I would like to put forward:
  1. The universe is one possible mathematical solution and hence whatever is happening within the universe does not need to be fair. It is incorrect to assume that things should be fair and everybody should be free from suffering.
  2. The whole world is a hologram – it is completely fictitious. It does not exist in reality. Everything is an illusion. When somebody is having a dream, it may look real, just like that the world may look real. So, there is no suffering at all in reality.
  3. The final truth is consciousness. It is consciousness that manifests energy, matter and decides physical laws. Though it is present everywhere, once it sets things, it does not interfere in governance as a separate entity. Due to physical laws or otherwise, thoughts are born and become so prominently repetitive that the realisation of the presence of consciousness is marginalised in a living being. Suffering is not so much due to the situation, it is due to the thoughts. To do away with suffering, thoughts need to be subdued and consciousness needs to become prominent. One needs to realise that his/her true nature is consciousness and not body/mind. The manifested world is not illusion, but being immersed in repetitive thoughts is like living in an illusory world.