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Robot Vs Human

robot-vs-humanJust like a robot is animated by electricity, a human is animated by breathing. In ordinary language we say that robot is not conscious whereas human is conscious. In the language of Vedanta it is just that the reflected consciousness is different when we compare robot with human and primitive robots may not appear to have much of reflected consciousness. Pure consciousness stands apart and both the robot and the human appear in it. Robot and human are just different types of instruments through which pure consciousness expresses. In times to come when the robot is programmed to show the expressions of pain, joy etc. it will become harder to notice the difference between the reflected consciousness of the robot and that of a human. In Quantum Physics when we talk of observer, it makes no difference whether the observer is conscious or not so to say, after all nobody, whether a machine or something made of flesh has consciousness of its own. It is always the borrowed consciousness from the pure consciousness field and this pure consciousness field is present everywhere.