Who Am I?

Q (Kumar) : Who am I really?

A : The one who is the knower of this reading without any false identification is the real you – awareness. This whole act is taking place in the dream of awareness where awareness itself is playing various roles, one of them being that of Kumar. So, Kumar is in the dream of awareness. The universe/multiverse in which Kumar is present is the dream of awareness. In this dream, consciousness, which is one in reality, identifies with many roles one of which is that of Kumar. In the dream, Kumar’s eyes are looking at the alphabets and his mind is decoding the information from the language and is projecting the decoded information on the screen of consciousness. This is how it is consciousness that is reading this. All these things are taking place in the dream of awareness but since awareness itself is present in the dream, it is making sense out of it.

PS: Consciousness and awareness words are used as synonyms.

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