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Is, “Theory of Everything” in Science Enough?

String TheoryIn science we have the knowledge becoming finer and finer. From large objects to molecules to atoms to electrons, protons, neutrons to leptons, mesons, quarks, bosons etc. to tiny strings. At this point, in my knowledge the presence of strings is not experimentally verified. However, even if it is verified, another question would come up as to from where are these strings coming up. As existing questions are answered, new questions come up without answers.

Finding ultimate truth via science looks like a mirage, the closer we go, farther it recedes.​​

The final answer that can be found via looking inwards is that everything is made up of consciousness. Now, if somebody asks how did consciousness come into existence, the answer is that only consciousness can ask this question as an inert thing cannot ask this question. So, the questioner himself is consciousness and the question is also taking place in consciousness. There is no question of “when” as there is nothing else but consciousness.

Can Consciousness Increase

Q: Does consciousness increase on enlightenment?

A: Let us look at this from two perspectives:

  1. From the perspective of Self: Self is pure consciousness (chinmatra) which never changes. So, from absolute perspective, consciousness does not increase or decrease.
  2. From the perspective of Jiva: As sattvic guna increases tamasic guna decreases. Tamas is responsible for mindlessness. Decrease in mindlessness is increase in mindfulness. So, from the perspective of Jiva (reflected consciousness or chidabhasa) mindfulness increases on enlightenment as sattvic guna increases.