My Spiritual Journey

Prior to college days, thoughts like, “If there is one soul per body then how come the population is increasing assuming number of souls remain constant?”, “Why the nature of the world is like this that weak is suppressed by the strong like one stronger animal killing a weaker one?”, “Is there really any right or wrong?” etc. would come to my mind. During IIT Madras days, the self-study of various religious and spiritual texts could not satisfy the doubts in my mind and they remained unanswered for a while. These unanswered doubts continued to surface on the mind every now and then and were joined by more doubts like, “Is there any end to material comforts?”, “What is the purpose of life?”, “Why do innocent people/children suffer”?, “What is the justification of explaining the painful death of a newly born child saying it is because of past life if he/she does not even understand that?” etc. as time progressed. Later, thanks to the Internet now the whole world was in front of the mind. During the pursuit, some Vedanta teachers appeared. Listening to them online explaining scriptures, studying scriptures and doing Self Inquiry removed all doubts and eventually seeking stopped.

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Manish Verma.

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