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Present Moment 24×7

Q: Why is my mind not in the present moment and how to bring my mind to the present moment 24×7?

A: In modern fast life too much Rajas (activity) could be the major reason for the existence of the habit of living in head. There could be too many tasks in, “To do” list made by your mind and it wants to jump from one task to another quickly. In this case your mind is always looking for, “What next?” and it may even treat a particular task as an obstacle that needs to be got rid of. Perhaps your mind wants to prove something to somebody or your mind is programmed from childhood to do too much work and not to rest etc. You need to do self inquiry to find out the real cause of this attitude applicable in your case, to slow down and to concentrate on doing one thing at a time .

While self inquiry is the fastest method of purification, Karma Yoga attitude is also very effective to mellow down Rajas.

We love to go to the next moment without living the present moment fully just like we love to eat the next piece of sandwich without chewing the previous one thoroughly.

From Absence to Presence

Just asking the mind to come to the present may not be a workable long-term technique to actually bring it to the present as there can be hidden reasons for the background activities taking place in the mind. For example, many times mind works in the background when it is searching for some answers. This act by unconscious mind makes us unavailable to the present moment. When the answer to the search suddenly appears, mind relaxes and becomes quite. There can be a rush of joy as well (bliss) in this state and the mind comes to the present.