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Self Realisation of a Hologram

Imagine a huge computer program running a play involving several holograms, each hologram playing specific role as decided by the computer program. The computer program is capable of simulating various emotions displayed by holograms. There is certain degree of artificial intelligence provided to each hologram, so that there is some free will as far as each hologram is concerned. As this play of holograms continues, various holograms in this play experience moments of  joy and sorrow etc. Thanks to the artificial intelligence and certain conditions in the play, a particular hologram realises that the experience of joy comes and goes and it wants to make it permanent. It also wants to know what is making this whole thing happening. Using its artificial intelligence and accessing the central memory of the computer it is able to realise that essentially it is electromagnetic signal and not the role it is playing. This particular hologram becomes self realised from that point onwards but continues to play its role in a detached manner.

PS: The above write-up is only  an approximation as the actual self-realisation would mean that the hologram knows that it is awareness and not just electromagnetic signal.

Self Realisation & Self Actualisation

Self Realisation or Enlightenment means direct knowledge of the Self. It is a realisation that you are impersonal awareness. This realisation takes place in the mind but may not change the unconscious mind completely since unconscious mind is programmed for several years. However, this realisation slowly changes the depth of the mind as one gets to see more clearly how thoughts arise and is therefore able to purify the mind. As mind rewires itself, the general feeling of bliss increases. When the mind steadily abides in Self, it is Self Actualisation. Self Actualisation implies happiness by default.

 Yogi with happy mind abiding in Self neither grieves for anybody nor expects anything. [Bhagavad Gita 18.54]

[Bhagavad Gita 18.54]

The above implies that the Yogi with happy mind abiding in Self neither grieves for anybody nor expects anything.