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Law of Karma (Vasana*)

Pure Consciousness does not judge, so there is no external judgement after physical death. It is not that there is somebody above the sky who sends different people to heaven or hell depending on who does good act and who does bad act as per the laws created by Him. Heaven and hell are states that out past/current/future choices create for ourselves. Then what is good and what is bad? What gives rise to deepening of vasanas* causing binding# vasanas and what causes creation of more vasanas in the long run is bad karma and what exhausts vasanas in the long run is good karma. If Mr X has diabetes but wants to have chocolate against the instructions of his doctor, in short term he may enjoy it but after eating he may feel guilt. Moreover, this experience may deepen the craving for the chocolate, making the vasana stronger. So, this is bad karma. Deepened vasanas lead to binding/attachment. Binding vasanas drive us just like puppets are driven. It is much more difficult to burn binding vasanas.


Sanchit Karma: Vasanas accumulated due to the past acts/choices/karmas
Prarabdha Karma: Current situation in life due to Sanchit Karma
Aagami Karma: Current acts that will create new vasanas in future or will exhaust existing vasanas in future

With regards to the question, “How everything got started at the first place?” the detailed answer is provided here.

*Vasanas: Feelings/desires/tendencies popping up from the causal body.
#Binding Vasanas: Deep rooted tendencies governing behaviour and character.

PS: There is some technical difference between the words vasana and samskara. For the sake of simplicity this minor difference has been ignored and the two words have been considered to imply the same.