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Let us analyse the statement, “The moon is out there in front of me whethere I look at it or not.”

The light from the moon reaches eyes, and the signal from the eyes goes to the brain and mind interprets the signal as moon. It is just the signal that is reaching the brain that the mind reads as moon. Even if the moon is not out there but the signal is there, mind still labels it as moon. In dream for example there is no moon out there but it still appears to be moon. So, actually what is interpreted depends solely on the signal. If moon is experienced, we cannot infer that physical moon is necessarily out there. Hence, the statement is not necessarily correct. Moon may appear to be out there, but what appears need not necessarily be real.

If we go a step ahead then where is the moon for the inert stone. It is only due to the body instruments (senses, brain etc.) does the moon exist for us. An ammeter shows the current, the brain shows the moon. There is no experience in the absence of a suitable measuring instrument or signal.

Since one can see the moon even by closing eyes, it is clear that it is mind that takes the shape of the moon. The logic that is applied to sight can be applied to sound, taste, smell, touch as well. Since it is mind that takes various forms, all we can say with certainty is that everything is mind only. Consciousness and still mind are synonemous. We Are THAT.

Mind-Shield = Barrier for Bliss

Mind-shield (Manomayakosha) is the barrier we form as children to protect ourselves from unpleasant feelings like hurt for example. This is because we believe that everything – including those feelings – is real. Once we realise that the reality is pure consciousness and what is not permanent is not real, this barrier of Manomayakosha must go making way for the bliss to shine. Manomayakosha acts as a barrier preventing bliss to shine which is our essential nature. It is okay to be somewhat vulnerable to feelings once it is known that the reality is non-dual. Even if self-realisation has not taken place, but just this understanding takes place that fears are behind many acts that we unconsciously do and it is those fears that prevent us from experiencing ever present bliss, we are ready to work towards diluting the shield of the mind (Manomayakosha) via self inquiry. Diluting Manomayakosha via self inquiry means finding the root cause of any feeling that arises which is of the nature of hurt, anxiety, approval seeking, low self-esteem etc.

PS: Fear is not the only component of Manomayakosha. Desire is also another major component. The above write-up concentrates on the fear aspect.

Mind Management for Happiness – 4 Keys

The following points can be practiced to keep the mind happy:

  1. Default state of the mind when it is not engaged in any activity should be IAmness.
  2. When mind is engaged in an activity, it should be 100% involved in it. It should not waver here and there. To avoid hypnotism or mindlessness, attention should occasionally be taken on IAmness/ breath/surrounding/seer.
  3. The mind should be kept engaged most of the time doing Swadharma. An empty mind is devil’s workshop. Swadharma should be chosen by analysing the percentage of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas gunas present in your body-mind. In addition to this, to know your Swadharma ask yourself what would you like to do if you have all the money that you want. Also, see which acts take you to trans or bliss or happiness and the time just flies by while doing them. If due to certain reason you are unable to do your Swadharma then you should use the Law of Attraction while trying to do your best in whatever act you are engaged in.
  4. Leave the rest to the universe trusting it 100%.

The Dream I

Q: In dream, I do not see myself in mirror and I do not have the waking consciousness. Then how do I know after getting up that it was me in the dream?

A: In fact during the waking state also, without seeing yourself in the mirror, you know about your existence. Just like mind identifies with the physical body during waking state, it identifies with a character in the dream. Since, it is the same mind, this false dream character and the waking character appear to be associated with the same I. It is true that in dream state, you do not have waking consciousness. However, the unconscious mind is the same. So, actually it is the unconscious mind that holds the key to connecting the two. Going a step beyond, various roles are played by the consciousness. The real I is consciousness, pseudo Is can be associated with body, mind etc. Since, consciousness is the same, real I is the same. Life is like a Bollywood movie with one actor (consciousness) playing double roles (body & mind).