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Empty Mind

Due to the laws of nature, it is impossible to remain inactive. Therefore, it is necessary to do the right thing. Doing right thing means (1) doing things according to swabhava/nature (2) not doing something against your conscience. An empty mind can become devil’s workshop by doing wrong work. Or, an empty mind can be consumed by random thoughts draining vital energy compromising health. An attitude of doing natural work considering it as your need to do so is Karma-Yoga.

Karmayoga – Impossible!

Q. How can I work without the expectation of anything in return? Why should I work in that case? Karmayoga sounds almost impossible.

A. Normally, a child loves playing game. Some people love cooking, some love dancing, some love teaching, some love writing, some love Tennis, some love Cricket, some love literature, some love Math and the list goes on and on. If you do what you love then you do not feel that you are doing it. You are almost in trans doing it. Work becomes play. As long as one is doing what one really loves (Swadharma), Karmayoga is not that difficult. The problem is when you like something but do something else because of the money or whatever reason. If one is doing what he does not like, he definitely needs motivation to keep him under the stress of doing the work. Naturally, Karmayoga then becomes very difficult.