Guided Self Inquiry

Teacher: Please look at the flower in front of us.
Student: Okay.

Teacher: Where exactly do you experience it?
Student: In the garden.

Teacher: Not the physical location, but the place of experience. The light rays are converted into electrical signals in your body and then your mind sees it. So, you experience it within you. Do you follow?
Student: Yes, I understand the basic Physics and since mind is part of me who is looking at the image of the flower, so I am looking at the flower within me.

Teacher: Good, now how far is your awareness from the flower?
Student: Well, my awareness is right there where flower is. There is no gap between my awareness and the flower.

Teacher: Can you now close your eyes and imagine the same flower. Now, how far is awareness from the flower?
Student: Same as before. Whether eyes are open or close, there is no gap between my awareness and the flower.

Teacher: Great! awareness takes the shape of the flower. Now, how far are you from the awareness?
Student:  I am there where my awareness is. There is no gap between myself and the awareness.

Teacher: Excellent, since there is no gap between you and the awareness, is there anything else that you realise?
Student: Well, let me think for a moment……. This is amazing! I am the awareness.

The above dialogue is inspired from the writings of Sri James Swartz.

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