Maya – Kabir

Maya - Parallel Arrows

Maya Mari Na Mann Mara, Mar Mar Gaya Shareer
Asha Trishna Na Mari, Keh Gaya Das Kabir

Meaning:  Neither maya nor the mind, only body attained death*. Hope and thirst did not die, so said Kabir.

Kabir Maya Papini, Phandh Le Baithi Haati
Sab Jag Tou Phandhe Padya, Gaya Kabeera Kaati

Meaning: Maya is sinful, sitting with its noose in the bazaar. The whole world got trapped in the noose, Kabir has cut the noose.

*The body gets old and eventually dies but maya and mind are not affected. The desires may still be there at the time of death.

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